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Intermittent Connectivity Issue - 17 January 2023 [RESOLVED]

Last Updated: Tue Jan 17 02:40 2023 UTC

Latest Update:

Tue Jan 17 02:40 2023 UTC:

The issue has been resolved as of 02:14 UTC, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused if you were affected by this earlier. Our hosting company believe that this may have been likely due to some hardware issues affecting a single node which have since been resolved.

Previous Updates:

Tue Jan 17 02:34 2023 UTC:

We have seen no further observances, nor received any customer reports of this issue, since 02:14 UTC. We believe this issue may now be resolved, but are continuing to monitor and await further information on the cause of this issue from our hosting provider. A further update will be provided shortly...

Tue Jan 17 01:52 2023 UTC:

Our hosting provider are looking into the issue. Further updates to follow...

Tue Jan 17 01:20 2023 UTC:

Our monitoring systems have detected intermittent 521 "Website is down" errors that may be affecting some of our customers as of 01:20 UTC. We're currently investigating this and will provide a further update shortly...

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