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Intermittent Connectivity Issues - 15 June 2021 [RESOLVED]

Last Updated: Tue Jun 15 17:40 2021 UTC

Latest Update:

Tue June 15 17:40 2021 UTC:

An update from our hosting provider:
"This was caused by an unknown failure in our redundant mesh topology that is being thoroughly investigated. Because the fail over did not occur as designed it made it more difficult to isolate and bring the network back to full capacity.

We do sincerely apologize for the interruptions this caused and are conducting a full investigation to identify not only what caused this, but also why the redundant triggers in place did not operate as designed, nor as tested.".

At this time we have seen response times returning to normal. We will continue to monitor and post further updates as applicable. We'd also like to apologize if you were affected by this issue in the past hour.

Previous Updates:

Tue June 15 17:29 2021 UTC:

As of 17:26 UTC we're seeing response times returning to normal. We will continue to monitor, and provide a further update once we've had more details on the cause of this from our hosting provider.

Tue June 15 17:12 2021 UTC:

Our hosting provider have acknowledged issues in their network and confirm that they are currently working on correcting them. Further updates follow...

Tue Jun 16 16:35 2021 UTC:

Our monitoring systems have detected intermittent timeouts and 522/523 errors that may be affecting some of our customers as of 16:30 UTC. We're currently investigating this and will provide a further update shortly..

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