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Intermittent Connectivity Issues - 6 May 2021 [RESOLVED]

Last Updated: Thu May 06 23:00 2021 UTC

Latest Update:

Thu May 06 23:00 2021 UTC:

We've not seen any recurrence of this issue in our own monitoring now for over 3 hours (earlier today we had been seeing this issue occur several times each hour).

Whilst confirmation and detailed postmortem information on this incident from Cloudflare is scarce at this time, we believe that they have now resolved their issue(s).

We will post more information here in the coming hours should this be forthcoming from Cloudflare. In the meantime, we will consider this matter resolved.

We apologize on behalf of Cloudflare if you've been impacted by this intermittent connectivity issue earlier today.

Should you continue to experience any 502, 520, or 522 errors in the coming hours when accessing your cloud hosted MIDAS system, please do screenshot these errors and send them to us so that we can forward the details on to Cloudflare.

Previous Updates:

Thu May 06 21:00 2021 UTC:

We've not seen any recurrence of this issue in our own monitoring now for over an hour. We will continue to monitor the situation, but are optimistic that Cloudflare have now reverted their bad update.

Thu May 06 19:00 2021 UTC:

We understand that Cloudflare recently rolled out a change/update which may have caused this disruption. Cloudflare are currently in the process of reverting this change. We do not have an expected duration for how long the rollback may take, but we'll provide further updates here once we know more.

Thu May 06 15:43 2021 UTC:

Our hosting provider are now actively engaging with Cloudflare. Our hosting provider confirm that at this time they have found no indication of a routing issue within their own network control. We'll make a further update in due course.

Thu May 06 14:55 2021 UTC:

After reaching out to Cloudflare, we believe that there may be an external peering issue with the route between our hosting provider and Cloudflare. We have asked our hosting provider to investigate this possibility, and will provide further updates here in due course.

Thu May 06 13:40 2021 UTC:

We continue to monitor the situation. Whilst there is still no indication of an issue on Cloudflare's dedicated Service Status site, a similar issue was listed on their site last week.

We are reaching out to Cloudflare, and will provide further updates here shortly.

Thu May 06 10:15 2021 UTC:

Our hosting provider reports a number of their customers are reporting issues with Cloudflare today. Cloudflare's own dedicated Service Status site, currently lists "No incidents reported today", however they have been known to be slow to update their service status site in the past.

Our hosting provider confirms that there are currently no network issues at their end, and that they are of the belief that this is a temporary Cloudflare issue.

We continue to monitor the situation and will provide further updates in due course.

Thu May 06 09:15 2021 UTC:

As of 06:06 UTC this morning, we became aware that a small number of users were encountering intermittent "Error 520" messages when accessing their cloud-hosted MIDAS systems.

We are currently investigating the cause of these sporadic issues and will make further updates accordingly.

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