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Partial Outage - 23 January 2021 [RESOLVED]

Last Updated: Sat Jan 23 12:54 2021 UTC

Latest Update:

Sat Jan 23 12:54 2021 UTC:

Our blog is now back up and running.

Previous Updates:

Sat Jan 23 12:33 2021 UTC:

We are aware that there is currently a problem with our blog not loading, and we are looking into this further.

Sat Jan 23 12:11 2021 UTC:

The server on which our main website ( resides suffered a kernel panic a short while ago and stopped responding to traffic.

This resulted in timeout errors, as well as 5xx errors when attemptint to connect to our website.

The server has now been rebooted and our main website is back up and running.

Our hosted customer's MIDAS systems were not affected.

Sat Jan 23 11:50 2021 UTC:

Accessing our main website ( may currently be resulting in timeout or 5xx errors.

We are currently investigating and will provide a further update shortly.

Our hosted customer's MIDAS systems are not affected.

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