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Incoming Emails Issue - 18-20 July 2020 UTC [RESOLVED]

Last Updated: Mon Jul 20 23:10 2020 UTC
During the period between Saturday 18th July @ 00:00 - Monday 20th July @ 20:00 2020 UTC, emails sent to any of our addresses may have bounced back to senders.

As part of our pro-active approach to security, we sometimes make configuration changes on our Network. Unfortunately, in this instance, a small configuration change we made late on Friday night had an unforeseen side-effect.

This resulted in some legitimate incoming emails sent to us being "bounced back" to the sender either as a hard failure, or as a notification that there was a problem delivering the email, but that further automatic attempts to send will continue.

An example of such a notification is illustrated below:

Email Delivery Incomplete

As of 20:00 UTC on Monday 20th July, this mis-configuration has now been corrected, and we apologize for any confusion, inconvenience, or concern caused.

If you've emailed us during the above period and received a "warning/retrying" response in return, it's likely that we've now received (or will shortly receive) your original email. Our team will respond to your query promptly.

If however you've emailed us during the above period and received a "mail delivery failure" response in return, please reach out to us again.

Once again, please accept our apologies for this issue. It's also worth highlighting that in additional to email, we may also be contacted via Twitter and through the "Live Chat" on our main website.

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