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Partially Degraded Service - 20 October 2020 [RESOLVED]

Last Updated: Fri Feb 21 00:41 2020 UTC

Latest Update:

Fri Feb 21 00:41 2020 UTC:

CloudFlare report that they have "resolved the issue and services have resumed normal operation."

We will continue to monitor, with a view to restoring CloudFlare services to affected customers in South Africa later this afternoon (Friday).

Previous Updates:

Thu Feb 20 16:40 2020 UTC:

CloudFlare report that they are "continuing to work with the local provider to resolve the situation."

Thu Feb 20 12:55 2020 UTC:

CloudFlare now have a dedicated page for updates on this issue:

Thu Feb 20 12:15 2020 UTC:

CloudFlare report that as of 12:14 UTC: "The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented."

Thu Feb 20 11:58 2020 UTC:

At 6:45 UTC this morning we received an isolated report of connectivity issues from a customer in South Africa trying to connect to their cloud-hosted MIDAS system.

Within two hours of this initial report, we received a separate report of a similar issue from another customer in the same geographic region.

We worked with these customers to try to troubleshoot their connectivity issues, and at the same time we asked our hosting provider to investigate their network for any potential issues.

At approximately 10:00 UTC, we believed the issue was potentially with Cloudflare - a global DNS/Content Delivery Network - through which connections to our network are routed. However, at the time no indiation of any relevant issues were listed on Cloudflare's dedicated service status site.

We immediately took action to bypass CloudFlare for the affected customers, ensuring that they could once again connect to their hosted MIDAS systems.

CloudFlare finally acknowledged an issue with "Increased HTTP 522 Errors in Africa" on their Serivce Status site at 11:35 UTC.

We continue to monitor the situation with Cloudflare's network in Africa, and will reinstate CloudFlare for affected MIDAS system once we are confident that they have identified and fully resolved their issue.

In the meantime, if you're presently in Africa and unable to access your cloud-hosted MIDAS system and are seeing an HTTP 522 Error when connecting, please contact our support team at [email protected] for further assistance in the interim.

Further updates to follow...

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