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Degraded Performance - 18 September 2019 [RESOLVED]

Last Updated: Wed Sep 18 07:29 2019 UTC

Latest Update:

Wed Sep 18 07:29 2019 UTC:

Our hosting provider informs us that they have taken steps to mitigate the issue, and are currently validating these changes to ensure the issue is fully resolved for everyone.

We will continue to closely monitor over the coming hours, and provide further updates if necessary, however we believe this issue has now been resolved.

Please contact us if you're still experiencing an issue with slow response times of your hosted MIDAS service.

Previous Updates:

Wed Sep 18 07:25 2019 UTC:

As of 07:20am UTC we are seeing a notable improvement in performance.

Wed Sep 18 07:00 2019 UTC:

We are aware that customers hosted in our Dallas, Texas data center may currently be experiencing degraded performance accessing their MIDAS system.

We understand that there is currently a traffic routing issue at this data centre which our hosting provide is currently working to identify and resolve.

We'll update this page with more information shortly...

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