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Outgoing Email Issue - February 16th 2017

Last Updated: Thu Feb 16 23:30 2017 UTC

We've become aware that emails sent to some Microsoft-operated email domains (i.e. MSN, Hotmail, Outlook, Live) are currently being rejected for some of our cloud-hosted customers who have their MIDAS systems configured to send outgoing email via the built-in "Sendmail" option.

Our ISP are currently investigating, in the meantime, we suggest switching to sending email via your own SMTP relay/gateway instead.

You can change your email settings within MIDAS via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Email

UPDATE: Thu Feb 16 18:28 2017 UTC:

Our ISP have been in contact with Microsoft to investigate further.

UPDATE: Thu Feb 16 21:55 2017 UTC:

Microsoft have made a change which should allow email to be delivered to Microsoft email domains again, however this change make take 24-48 hours to fully propagate throughout their global systems during which time emails may still continue to fail to be delivered to Microsoft-related inboxes for some customers.

We are continuing to monitor, however, we would strongly encourage all cloud-hosted MIDAS customers currently using the built-in "Sendmail" option to switch to sending outgoing email via SMTP instead as this will greatly improve deliverability of emails from your MIDAS system. If you're unsure of your organization's SMTP server details, please speak with your IT people/department for further assistance.

More information on email settings within MIDAS may be found in the help documentation at

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